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Bitcoin Doubler. Bitcoin Multiplier.

Finally, you find first reliable Bitcoin Doubler that really works as it has to be. gives you a real chance to multiply your Bitcoins instantly. Service is completely automated and you can check win/lose rate in bets table below. All bets are backed up by real blockchain transactions.
The probability of winning equals to 50% for each bet.
Why does it work? - Doubler's bank grows with each bet, regarding of win/lose.
Try your luck now!
The minimum you can deposit is 0.001 BTC and the maximum is not limited.

Take a real chance to double your Bitcoins.

After depositing your bitcoins you can check win/lose status of your bet in bets table below. In case of winning you will get an instant payout. Good Luck!

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Features of

Real Chance to Double

First legit Bitcoin Doubler! The probability of winning equals to 50% for each bet.

100% Secure

CryptoDoubler is fully anonymous service. No registration required. No logs stored.

Instant Payouts

All payouts for winners and affiliates are instant.


Previous Bets

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Affiliate Program

We share up to 30% from each lost bet of your affiliates. All partner's profits are paid instantly.
bitcoin multiplier


Frequently Asked Questions & Description

Minimum and maximum deposit

The minimum you can deposit is 0.001 BTC and the maximum is not limited.

What payment methods do you accept?

We accept only Bitcoin(BTC) cryptocurrency, it is not a Bitcoin Cash doubler. If you are interested in multiplying other currencies, we will provide such services soon.

What is the chance to double?

Our system is fully automated and gives the same chance for each turn. Chance to win is 50%.

Why your service is trusted?

Our algorithm is completely transparent and unique, it is based on win/lose chance instead of other doubling services which promises profits out of nowhere.

How to Participate?

Our website provides a simple and friendly interface for the user to interact with. No registration required, fill in your bitcoin address and click on "Get Started" button, deposit your coins on provided address and wait to double BTC. If lucky, you will multiply your BTC by the amount you deposited. What are you waiting for? Take action right now!

Bitcoin Doubler Services

It is only reasonable for us to disclose how our services work before convincing you to deposit your bitcoin. The service revolves around a system algorithm which will give you a 50% chance to either double your deposit or lose. To be precise, it works like a betting site where you stand a 50/50 chance of winning your bet. So, you may either win or lose. We offer each of our users one chance per round to make their bets and we accept the smallest number of bitcoins which is 0.001 BTC.

Why choose us

A bitcoin doubler service is a betting game purely staked on chance. So why would you play with other bitcoin doubler services and not us? We provide instant payouts for users who have won and assure them that their turnaround time will be almost instant! We also have an affiliate program giving away 30% from the amount the user may have lost during their bet.

The illegal activities have grown alongside the multiple successes digital currency has experienced over the years. It means that users need to be careful of the bitcoin transactions they engage in. On the contrary, our services are based on an automated algorithm to inhibit any human interference. Our bitcoin game system is among the best with its own exceptional algorithm.

Revolution of Bitcoin Services

With the introduction of virtual currency, cryptocurrency has revolutionized the investment world. It is now gaining traction and has been introduced to countries all over the world. With new laws being formulated to govern cryptocurrency, more vendors are taking up the currency as you can now buy goods and services with bitcoin. In the same vein, bitcoin trading agents have been established and assisted to shape the digital currency platform. It’s only recently that bitcoin doubler services have caught the attention of the general public. When bitcoin gained legitimacy in the online finance world, its popularity increased together with bitcoin multiplier services.

Use Our Bitcoin Doubler System to Earn 2x Your Coins!

Deposit your bitcoin with us and double your investment in no time! After joining our service online and depositing your bitcoin, you stand a chance of earning the same amount deposited! Our service uses an automated bitcoin doubler system with a unique algorithm that will increase chances of doubling your investment.

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